Breakfast in Ghent

I like to go out for breakfast. Get early into town, when most shops are still closed and the city is nice and quiet. Sit down, read a newspaper and take the time to eat breakfast. Preferably with my wife and / or kids. However, I also find it a good alternative to a business lunch meeting.

Typically, I look for a combination of good (strong) coffee, fresh juice, healthy dishes and the possibility to indulge myself in something sweet.

Over the years I have tried several breakfast places in Ghent (Gent). Here are my favourites.


Annonciadenstraat 4, 9000 Gent

I had heard a lot about this place, but never got around to visit the place before today. I have to say, I was really impressed. A lot of choice in the menu and great coffee. We had the granola, banana bread, pancakes and eggs sunny side up. Each one of them were great.

Best to make a reservation online before you go and be aware that they don’t accept cards (cash or mobile payments via Payconiq or potentially your banking app).

Or Espresso Bar

Walpoortstraat 26, 9000 Gent

More a coffee bar than a breakfast restaurant, however they do offer breakfast as well. Being a coffee bar, the coffee is great. The breakfast options are less extended than a typical breakfast restaurant, but what they offer is excellent.

Le Pain Quotidien

Kalandeberg 10, Gent

Part of a larger restaurant chain, so less authentic. Also, a bit overpriced to my liking and sometimes very slow in the service. Nevertheless, I still like to go to Le Pain Quotidien from time to time. The breakfast is very good and I just like the general atmosphere of the place.

Huize Colette

Belfortstraat 6, Gent

Facebook page

A very cosy place to have breakfast. Great cakes. Good coffee.

De Superette

Guldenspoorstraat 29, 9000 Gent

The least traditional of breakfast places. Go for the savoury dishes here. Don’t be afraid to try and experience new flavours and unusual taste combinations. As a bakery, the bread and pastries are exquisite.  This place is also great for lunch or dinner. Combine and share several different dishes and definitely try one of their pizzas.


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