Breakfast in Sevilla

Yes, many hotels offer large and often very good breakfast buffets. However, in Sevilla I just like to go out and have breakfast in one of the many local panaderias, cafeterias or bars that offer breakfast. Just order the following, and you’ll forget all about that large buffet:

  • tostado con tomate y aceite – toast with tomato and olive oil
  • zumo de naranja – fresh orange juice
  • solo (con leche) – coffee (with milk)

In the panaderias (bakeries) you may also find some nice dulces (=pastries).

Just look for a place where the locals are popping in and out, i.e. business (wo)men, street workers, elderly people, etc. that are clearly not tourists. Some of those places may not look that fancy, but don’t worry about that. The food and local atmosphere make up for that. Also use the opportunity to practice your Spanish, because chances are slim that they’ll understand English. We already went a couple of times to a small panaderia cafetaria called Horno La Tahona on  (on the corner of Calle Luis Belmonte) which is close to the hotel we normally stay at, and keep returning every time we are back in town because we love it. However, there are many of these places across town.

Your breakfast will not only be good, it will only cost you 3 to 4,5 Euros per person.

And of course, you can also go for churros y chocolate as breakfast – see my other post on this.


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