Tapas and dinner in Sevilla

It is not difficult to find good restaurants and tappas bars in Sevilla. Or maybe it actually is difficult because there is so much choice.

The good thing about Sevilla is that most restaurants and tapas bars also have options without gluten and vegetarian choices (the latter is great because my wife and eldest daughter are vegetarian).

Here are some places I can recommend.

El Pasaje

Calle Pasaje de Villa 8-10, Sevilla

A tapas bar in the Barrio that offers a great selection of original tapas that are really tasty. Each time we go back we are surprised about the combination of flavours and tastes in their tapas. Their vegetarian burger tapa is one of the best I have ever had.

This time around my youngest daughter even devised a plan to kidnap the cook;

  • step 1 -put dirty fingers on all the glasses, that will divert the attention of the bar tender (she had noticed he was cleaning the glasses all the time)
  • step 2 – tie up the waitress
  • step 3 – grab the cook

Casa Carmen

Calle Santander 15, Sevilla. One of the entrances to the courtyard where the terras is, is located opposite la Torre del Oro.

This restaurant we kind of found by accident on our way to the neighbourhood behind el Arenal (the arena). It looked quite fancy and we first thought it was the restaurant of some posh hotel. However, it was not linked to a hotel, and though quite fancy looking, it turned out to be quite cozy and not expensive at all. Especially the terras area is nice. It is beautifully lit and sits in a small courtyard surrounded by remains of a medieval tower wall and more recent buildings. The food was really exquisite some of the dishes could just as well have come from a Michelin star restaurant.

El Patio San Eloy

Calle San Eloy 9, Sevilla. This is a side street of Calle Tetuán, the main shopping street. 

This bar was another lucky discovery and quite original in its interior (at least we had never seen this before): they had a large tiled staircase in a sort of patio style where people could sit while using the huge stairs as seats. OK tapas and a very nice interior creating a buzzing and enjoyable atmosphere.

I noticed on their website that there are now multiple San Eloy bars. Though this one apparently is the original one.

Other bars to consider

100 Montaditos – This is actually a chain of bars that offer 100 different small sandwiches (montaditos). You will see them all around town, and also in other cities. If you need a large (jarra) cold beer or a tinto de verano and something small to eat, then this is a good option. What is more it will be very cheap, especially if you go during one of the days or time slots where they have special offers and prices. I like the one opposite the university in Calle San Fernando, however last time I was there they did not have an outside terras anymore, which was a pity.

Restaurante Barbiana – Restaurant and tapas bar. If possible try to sit at the bar.  Calle Albareda, 11, Sevilla. 



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