Brewery museum in an authentic 19th century brewery

A bit of a hidden pearl and not well known, but brewery / museum De Snoek is the only fully preserved 19th century brewery in Flanders. A visit takes you through the full process of beer brewing the way it was in 19th century until the first half of the 20th century (before the process was further industrialised and automated).

From the barley malting process to the actual brewing and eventual bottling, it is all preserved and presented in its historic, undisturbed glory with cokes fires, gas engines, brewing boilers, etc. There are also side steps into brewing and beers during the First World War (the brewery is near the Ypres battlefields), as well as an overview of all current West-Flemish beers. And what better place to end the visit than an authentic pub with a great choice of beers.

A brochure and information panels in the museum nicely explain and guide you through your visit, though guides can be booked as well (for groups).

Truly a remarkable museum, and worth while a visit if you are in West Flanders. 



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