Site History

Here is a little history of this website, which was first created in January 2001. Over the years its content and design have changed, the only constant was the author ;-). Below you will also find some print screens of previous versions of this website.

Finally got around to move this site to WordPress. Until now this site was built and maintained in an old school manner – meaning me writing HTML code myself. I guess, it was time to move on. Probably 10 years overdue, but hey it still worked and I wasn’t making that many updates anyway.

In the age of Facebook and LinkedIn this type of website seems a little out of place. As you might see I do not get much time anymore to update it either. But it was about time that I got around to it. I changed the colours and updated the texts a bit.

Not much change since last time.  I did create a website for my new-born daughter Annabel (and kept Sam’s pages up to date).

The new year is almost there, but hey I succeeded in updating my personal website in 2004. Actually, I have created a new version of the website and downsized it a lot. No time to keep updating all those links + there are now so many other platforms and professional sites that do that way better than I ever will be able to.

So here’s t1msp0rtal light :-). On the plus side – I keep updating the genealogy pages ( and I have created a website for my newborn daughter Sam.

Updating the design of the website; optimising the website for PC users with lower screen resolutions.

Updating the design of the website; more brightness in the colour scheme.

A new year, a new domain name ( and a new website (already version 4 of [t1msp0rtal]).

Minor updates and corrections have been made to the ICT Links, Privacy and the Security Page. I also updated the page of my girlfriend Nike

Hey, I finally got the time to work on the website again. I have been enjoying myself in building a secured zone where I offer some material for download. There isn’t much on there yet, but over time new material will be added.

Small update, little mistakes were taken out. New links will be added soon and broken links will be taken out.


Major update of the genealogy site. Updates on those pages will from now on be mentioned on the index page of the genealogy website. Check it out.

The genealogy site is further developed and the “family tree”, “Christoffel to Tim” and the “unmatched branches” pages are already finished.

I started with a genealogy site. It is still partly under construction, but you can already find much about the Wulgaert family.

I finally started working on my personal pages. A lot more is in the pipeline so come and check the website regularly.

A new update of the links. Especially the security links have been extended. I also ameliorated the html source code of the website. Thanks to Zym0t1c I learned a bit more about cascading style sheets and all the html mistakes are now taken out.

Some new links have been added

An update on all links, bad links are removed

Moving past the ISP URL and obtaining a first domain name -> Tim’s Portal can also be reached via or

A new year deserves a new website: new lay out, new links and better navigation. Tell me what you think of it in the guest book

Actual launch of [t1msp0rtal] with a design that actually works. Site provides security news feeds (RSS feeds from other sites) and security, privacy and IT governance links.

Birth of [t1msp0rtal] – yes the name was an attempt to be cool